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Hourly soiling loss values in v6.74


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Noticed today that the hourly soiling losses (SlgLoss) are all zero in hourly output files created with PVsyst v6.74. This is also true for the soiling loss components (beam, diffuse, albedo).

The values are included in hourly files from v6.73, we will continue to use that for now. Thanks for looking into it.

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It is stated in the patch notes for 6.7.5 that this was corrected.


In version 6.7.5 (06.08.18) :

!!! A license synchronization is required before the update of PVsyst !!!


String inverters: add. info, and warning when choosing "Use Multi-MPPT"

Help about bi-facial: add a page explaining the results in detail

Fixed errors:

Projects involving Mixed orientation: errors in simulation

(namely on IAM and near shading losses)

CSV hourly files: error in the version 6.74: many values were null !

Ageing tool: always reverts to 10 years when entering the dialog.

Solar parameters tool (plots): some insignificant errors.

Maxim optimizers: little error in simulation => Ohmic loss = 0.

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