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ask for help:stimulate for one year


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My boss asked me to stimulate the run of the sun to see how many hours a year does the shadow from the two flue stacks fall on the roof. While in software, i just know stimulate one day by one day, which means i should run 365 times for a year.

i want to know would we be able to run a full year simulation by PVsyst because we plan to buy a full version if it can run a full year stimulation.

i have attached the picture for my task

we don't care the type of PV module and inverter. We just want to know how many hours does the shadow from the two flue stacks fall on the roof。

Who can give me some ideas


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I would run the simulation normally using whatever panel and inverter you prefer and then output hourly data of shading loss. Seen that in your scene there is no other shading apart from the poles, you should be able to distinguish when the shadows are on the panels and use a spreadsheet to count the hours that have more than zero of shading.

Best regards


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