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Batch check of PAN Files


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Hi all,

I would like to check the parameters for a large number of modules across several manufacturers against parameters I have stored in a database (from manufacturer's datasheets). I'm comparing over 100 modules so doing this manually is not really an option.

I am able to perform an automated comparison using Python to parse .PAN files which I myself have added, however I have been unable to locate the .PAN files for the modules which are already included in PVsyst. I did find a "PVModuleDB_V6" CSV which looked promising for a direct Excel-based comparison but the file doesn't appear to be human-readable, or the file uses a very strange encoding scheme.

I have thought that PVsyst shipped with .PAN files for all the modules used in the program but perhaps this was for an earlier version.

Can anyone shed some light on how I might achieve the above?

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Okay so for anyone else who comes across this I figured out how to do it, its not ideal but its better than a manual check.

1) Open PVsyst, go to "Databases" then PV Moduiles

2) Select the modules you wish to export, hold CTRL to select more than one, I'd recommend doing this in batches of ten as one wrong click will send you back to square 1.

3) Click 'export' - this will copy the data to the clipboard

4) Paste the data into the PVsyst database file located at C:\Program Files (x86)\PVsyst6.7.3\DataRO\PVsyst660_Data\Userdata\Components.xls

5) Use the data import tool to correct any formatting errors

6) Perform your comparisons!

Why the module data isn't stored as ASCII like the pumps etc I don't know. This is a needlessly arduous process that I could have circumvented in an hour with Python, but instead I'm forced to use a rather inefficient copy-and-paste method with the GUI - frustrating!

In any case I solved the immediate problem, I hope this is of use to someone.

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