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Centering Near Shadow report viewv of the 3D FV field model


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Good evening.

I am modeling a solar field using a ground image. While preparing the report, the image appears not centered on the window.

I was wondering if there is a way to choose the observer´s spot in the "Near Shadows" section.Or is there any other way to hace the report image of the near shadows field centered on the field, in order to avoid this image?

Currently the small FV field and the ground image (simple screenshot made on Google Earth) are over the left part of the window.


Thank you and best regards,

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Enter the shade scene builder under Near Shadings > Construction/Perspective. Zoom in to the PV plant, such that the view you want on the report is showing on the screen. Once you have that, select "save this view for the report" and then select "load report view", then exit and generate pdf.


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