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Trees (shading scene)


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Hello Team,

I keep on thinking there is a bug in shading scene with trees, as they act as shading elements far from the reality. As you know only the trunks shade as a solid element, branches leave a lot of sun rays through. For more pro simulation it must be considered that in winter there exists more clearity or transparency. Could it be possible to conceave them as semitranslucid objects?, maybe with a kind of aproximation that could result in more real outputs, without a charge of complexity (and time) in computation...

Looking forward to some feedback

Best Regards

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This is not so simple.

Even if some irradiance is reaching the array through the tree, remember that în a string, the weakest cell (lower irradiance) drives the current of the whole string. There is a high probability that one cell in a string is fully shaded, therfore blockîng the full string.

In other words, you can have a reduction of the Linear shading losses, but an increase of the electrical mismatch losses.

Moreover, you should define the period for which this correction would be applied.

We don't intend to introduce such a complex correction in the present time.

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