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Vertically or Horizontally


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I dont know how to do it, couldnt find it.

But i want to see difference in yield when i put on construction modules vertically or horizontally with same numbers of modules.

Red/Green/Blue colors shows how bypass diodes are set.

How to do it in PVsyst, when i want put strings of modules vertically and horizontally and then add influence strings in this 2 cases.

Like in image below:

What will be yield in case 1 and case2? When i trying to do it i got same results, because i dont know how to set strings of cells


Here is how i did it in PVsyst


And how i set Field Partition in module chains, i dont see here possibility of setting substrings of cells...

Horizontally (L:3x1.65m W:0.99):


Vertically (L3x0.99m W:1.65):


and this results cant be different..., where put here bypass diodes influence?

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