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limiting inverter power in the simulation


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Dear PVsyst team,

is it possible to define in the system configuration a power limitation in the inverter level ?

for example I want to use STP60-10 by SMA and I must limit the active power to 54 KW, is it possible ?

I have tried to limit it by using Miscellaneous tools' power limitation, however, even if it would have worked OK, it is not correct if I have two orientations.

in addition I have made a CSV file that includes the array AC current and the current shows that it exceeds the limitation ...


sagi sendler

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For limiting the power, you have to redefine your inverter ".OND file with a new PNom value.

There is no way in PVsyst for limiting the inverter power (as there is probably no way in your physical inverter for artificialy limiting the power !).

NB: The simulation doesn't check the output maximum current.

If you overcome the specified value, it is probably either because it is not well specified, or your output voltage is too low. PVsyst doesn't manage the grid voltage.

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