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Minute Resolution Meteonorm 7.2 Data


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Hi Meteonorm has released minute resolution data in ver 7.2.

I tried exporting the Minute (timeseries) data option in Meteonorm 7.2, then clicking PVsyst format. Unfortunately it defaults to hourly resolution data and my data is only slightly different when I review the monthly data (just as a side check) in PVsyst format (only for diffuse component).

So will PVsyst add an option (like PVSOL) to implement minute resolution data? I've also made my own minute resolution outside PVsyst from scratch (I adapted an old hourly model that I ran from scratch without PVsyst) and I had to do a lot of linear averaging which I feel isn't the best way to do this.

I definitely feel that minute resolution data can help close down the modeling and prediction differences to actual reported data (among many other aspects) on small flat plane projects that we are using to standardize in Japan.

If someone is encountering a similar problem please contact me.

Best Regards,

Luke Johnson @Sunpulse

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PVsyst simulations are based on an hourly time step.

Implementing sub-hourly treatment would be a big task (which is on our ToDo list, but not for the next months ...)

By the way, with grid-connected systems the production is very linear with the incident GloBinc. The effect on the yearly (or even monthly) performance results will be probably very low, as everything is averaging.

The only serious error will come from the non-linear behaviour of the Power cut by the inverter nominal power. There is an additional overload loss which is not accounted in the hourly evaluations. This error increases with highly oversized PV arrays.

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