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Grid Limitation is not precise


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I have checked that 8760 file(hourly file E_Grid) with a grid limitation applied at injection point. When comparing it with the 8760 file without grid limitation, I have noticed that it curtails the plant power even in those hours where the power is lower than the limit. Say the limit is 5000000W at injection point and the output of that hour from a non grid limited PV syst is 4890000W. One would expect that the corresponding hour's power from the 8760 file of the grid limited version would also be 4890000W since it is below the limit but it is actually lower, around 4810000W. This over a lot of hours is causing a lower annual production.

Also on hours where it is higher than the applied limit you would expect it to operate at the limit or very close to it. Nope, not the case. It goes down to 4850000W from about the actual 5100000W.

Someone shed light on why it is doing this or if this is a mistake that needs to be fixed. For now i have been applying the limit in excel using the no limit 8760 file.

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