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Questions regarding bifacial modeling parameters

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I'm working on single axis tracker system with bifacial model.

I'm wondering if anybody would have suggestion on those following parameters:

1) Structure shading factor (default value is 5%)

2) Mismatch loss factor (default value is 10%)

Any idea on how those should be assessed? Or return of experience you could share?

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It's quite some time ago I did a bifacial simulation...so I hope that I do remember properly

1) Structure shading factor: from my understanding this the surface of a pv panel which is covered by rails, beams etc. of the substructure in relation to the total surface of a pv panel. This is not easy to deal with as there is scattered diffuse irradiation but also some direct irradiation which might cause shadings on the rear side of the cells.

2) the efficiency of bifacial cells on the front side is normally higher than the one from the back side. This parameter should be th ratio of these different cell efficiencies.

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