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correction factor for inverters

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I am asking about the altitude correction that has to be done to the inverters data in order to derate it for altitude in the program. For example, if the altitude of the installation is over 3500 m.a.s.l., the climatic data has to be changed and I understand the software takes care of it, but the inverter has to be derated also and I don't know if the software takes it in consideration or not. If not, what has to be done to the parameters of the inverter in order to comply with the manufacturer recommended values for derating.

Look forward for your hint.

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You may need to reach out to the manufacturer for the derated value, whether it be a curve or tool they provide. I dont see anywhere in the software (OND file) which allows for elevation derate. You might then clip post-process anything higher than the derate value @ your elevation.
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