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"Shading factor diagram" doesn't match the "shadings animation"


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Hello everybody,

Recently I've encountered a problem regarding the shading diagram and I haven't been able to come up with a logical explanation. When I perform the shadings animation of my plant for the 21st of December, I obtain the following shadings curve:




As per design criteria, there are no shadings between 10 and 14 h. However, when I compute the shading factor tables and display the graph, I obtain the following:




If I observe the 1% shading loss curve, it turns out that it cuts the sun path curve for the 22nd of December during midday. This shocks me a little bit as when I perform the shadings animations there are no shadings at all, but according the shading factor diagram, shadows appear at midday out of nowhere, and I am not able to understand this behaviour.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of behaviour, or does anybody know what can it be due to?

Thanks in advance for the help,


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