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Horizon Imported Files


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Hello Dear all,

I'm developing a far shading analysis and I am trying to use the option to import the horizon file from Meteonorm or PVGis as specified in the help section of PVsyst.

But when I download the file from Meteonorm it is in .rdm and when I download the file from PVGiS it's on txt. As it is a lot of data I want to know how can I convert the file into a .hor

so that PVsyst can read it.

Also, when I click on the "Import" option, I do not see PvGiS within the options, if a choose these data how can the PVsyst read it?

Thank you for your assistance

Best Regards

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The horizon profile may be defined manually by a set of (Azimuth/Height) points in degrees. These may be from on-site measurements (using land-surveyors instruments like compass and inclinometer).

They can be imported from several sources:

From your workspace:

· PVsyst internal file - all horizon files that are saved in your workspace

From external files:

From web sources directly (requires an active internet connection)

Please read :http:// https://www.pvsyst.com/help/horizon_import.htm?zoom_highlightsub=Import+horizon


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