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Power generation data of Probability (P90,P70 etc)


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The P50 - P90 concept is explained in the help "Project design > P50 - P90 evaluations"

It is a probabilistic interpretation of your simulation result. It is only applicable to an annual result.

You can connect at most 2 orientations on an inverter input. Please define these 2 orientartions, and you can choose (Mixed orientations 1 + 2) in the sub-array.

NB: All module of each string should be in the same orientation. You cannot mix orientations within a string.

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Thank you for your response,

Do you have a plan to support a hourly data output of Probability ?

And I tried mixed orientation system setting, I can only adapt mixed #1, #2 but other #3, #4 can't adjust

If I have 4 mixed orientations, how can I set up 2 inverter with #1,#2 and #3,#4?

Should I simulate project separately ?

Can I also simulate two differnt type of modules with 1 inverter ?


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Applying the probabilistic evaluation P90 to hourly, daily of even monthly values doesn't make sense.

P90 is an annual evaluation.

Please see our FAQ "What is the P50-P90 probability production ?".

PVsyst only allows mixing the orientation #1 and #2 on a same inverter input. This is a limitation.

Now you can define several sub-arrays, with different MPPT inputs, for different orientations.

The sub-array - i.e. inverter MPPT input - may only be defined in an homogeneous way (same module, same number of modules in series).

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