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OND file: Min. Voltage for PNom

Jen H

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I'm seeking clarification on the relationship between Maximum current per MPPT and Min. Voltage for PNom in the OND file - 'main parameters' tab.

When I enter the Maximum current per MPPT (22A), the Min. voltage for Pnom automatically changes from N/A to 463V. Where does this value come from and what is its significance?

The inverter datasheet I'm using has the following datasheet parameters:


  • Max. Input Voltage - 1100V
  • Max current per MPPT - 22A
  • Max short circuit current per MPPT - 30A
  • Start voltage - 200V
  • MPPT operating voltage range - 200-1000V
  • Rated input voltage - 600V
  • Max. number of inputs - 12V
  • Number of MPP trackers - 6
  • Nominal AC power 60 kVA


As an aside, if the parameter is not in bold type does this mean that it doesn't matter for the purposes of the simulation?

Any clarification would be much appreciated!



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The Minimum voltage for getting Pnom is equivalent to an input current limitation.

By defining VminPNom, the minimum voltage for attaining PNom, we have:

- Imax = Pnom (DC) / VminPNom,

- where Pnom(DC) = PnomAC / Efficiency.

If this value is specified in the inverter, it is obviously taken into account in the simulation.

Everything is explained in detail in the contextual Help "Physical models used > Grid inverter > Inverter Operating Limits" and other topics.

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