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Thin film modules in V 6.67 to 6.70: specified Rs / Rsh parameters ignored (default values)

Bruno Wittmer

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In the PVsyst versions 6.67 up to 6.70, thin film PV modules with custom values for the shunt resistance Rsh and the series resistance Rs were not always read properly in the database, causing these resistances to be set to default values. This can lead to different performance results in the simulation.

In these cases, for a correct simulation, please use PVsyst versions up to 6.66, or PVsyst version 6.71 and higher.

The concerned modules display different resistance values in the PAN file editor. To check if a given PV module is concerned or not, open the module definitions with the different PVsyst versions:

file.php?mode=view&id=836&sid=494062bdd0dcf54579ec9d793a94f413 file.php?mode=view&id=834&sid=494062bdd0dcf54579ec9d793a94f413

The PVsyst versions with the erroneous behavior for these modules are : V6.67, V6.68, V6.68 and V6.70.

An (incomplete) list of concerned modules is:

  • FirstSolar CdTe modules
  • Calyxo CdTe modules
  • Masdar PV Gmbh uCSi-aSi modules
  • Schueco aSi modules
  • NexPower uCSi-aSi modules


V6.67 - V6.70


<= V6.66, >= V6.71

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