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Near shading changes from v6.68 to v6.71


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I just updated my version from V6.68 to V6.71 about 4 days ago.

Right now I am modeling single axis tracker projects with backtracking, linear shadings.

I just modeled the same project (all MET, shading scene and parameters are identical) in V6.71 to a model I did with V6.68.

The results are dramatically different.

I am now getting 1.875% more yield with V6.71 vs. V6.68:

- 0.0% loss for " Near Shadings:irradiance loss" vs. 2.67% loss

- 1.0% IAM loss vs. 0.64% loss

Please advise.



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I wanted to react on this bug report as I've noticed the same behavior on my side.

In addition the yield results from v6.71 are slightly unstable. When I successively run simulations on the same variant without changing anything else, I get slightly different yield results each time within a 0.3% range.


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