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"Voltage drop across series diode". What does it stand for?


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Hello Team,

I have a technical question about the new wiring tool. In DC there exist a parameter called "Voltage drop across series diode" which in default represents 0,7 V...what is it for? I ve never calculated it (i think) or taken it into consideration (!!).

Thanks in advance best regards

Tecnun (Jose)

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Hello...this is currently outdated, you should put 0.

In old PV frameworks, it was a typical practice (and even a standard in certain nations) of placing a diode in arrangement with each string, for abstaining from drawing current from one string to anothe more vulnerable one.

This is totally pointless as the string voltages are semi indistinguishable, whatever the irradiance or electrical misfortunes. Subsequently the diode is rarely initiated.

pcb quote

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