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Transposition Factor as function of the plane orientation


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I am using 'Transposition Factor' tool for optimization of plane orientation.

I could not create TF table using my hourly meteo file; PVsyst shows error, 'Please choose a valid Meteo file'.

But the same hourly meteo file works for simulation. Kindly help me to sort out this issue.

And, I am able to generate TF table using monthly meteo file. In this case, what would be the difference if I create TF table using monthly meteo file? Thanks.

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Probably your Meteo file is not complete.

The optimization of the transposition factor can only be performed on a complete year of data.

Now be aware: there is a bug in the version 6.70: the transposition factors plot (optimization) crashes.

You should revert to a previous version for getting this plot, sorry.

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