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Sattelight undiscoverable


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At First I wish you an hppy new year!

I can't reach anymore the site "http://www.satellight.com" or "http://satellight.entpe.fr" :

The appliance SCM ®-scm-ENTPE vev.entpe.fr indicates that the remote host is not listening

The remote host is not ready to accept the connection request

Host Name: www.satellight.com


Do you know if the Site has changed his adressor if it is a temporary bug on this site... or if the Satellight Site has been closed?

Thank you very much



Tout d'abord permettez-moi de vous souhaiter une excéllente année 2013!

Je ne peux plus atteindre le site de Satel-light ("http://www.satellight.com" ou "http://satellight.entpe.fr") car le serveur renvoie :

L'appliance SCM® scm-entpe-vev.entpe.fr signale que l'hôte distant n'est pas à l'écoute

L'hôte distant n'est pas prêt à accepter la demande de connexion

Nom de l'hôte : www.satellight.com


Savez vous si c'est un bug temporaire ou un déménagement d'adresse ou une fermeture du site ?

Merci beaucoup

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The Satellight site is indeed again available.

(when you register on the site, don't use special characters in your name or address, as they are not accepted, but without notice!)

The format of these files has slightly changed. They are no more readable correctly by the old versions of PVsyst (the longitude becomes equal to the latitude, which has strange consequences...).

I have corrected this for the versions 5.65 and 6.03, released just today.

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