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Identifying multiple orientations in 6.68


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I have a shade scene with ground terrain, and I'd like to divide the design up into four sections that are relatively close together in terms of average tilt and azimuth. In Hidden parameters under Detailed Simulation Verification Conditions, I have set the first six values to 0.1. However under project settings > other limitations, the minimum value allowed is 0.5 for discriminating orientation difference between shading planes, and 1.0 for maximum orientation difference for defining average (spread) orientation. What I think is happening is that the project settings are overriding the hidden parameter settings, and because my orientations are close together, the orientations I manually define in the shade scene using the orientations tool keeps reverting back to a single effective azimuth.

Can the minimum values allowed in project settings > other limitations be reduced to 0.1 degrees to allow for more granularity in defining orientations?

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I have the same problem. Is it possible to force the orientation mannualy for each zone ? or is it possible to desactivate the automatic identification of the zones with close tilt and azimuth angles ?


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Thank you for the reference. However the issue I have arises when the angle tolerance is less than 1 degrees. In hidden parameters, we can define a tolerance of 0.1 degrees, but it doesnt seem possible to manually define orientations with such a tolerance. The result always reverts back to a single orientation (in my recent case).
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