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Requesting . PAN and .OND files


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I have been encountering more and more equipment that isn't yet on PVsyst but am under the impression that PVsyst has given some parties access to more files. Is there any way to get access to a larger database of module and inverter files or is the only way to go through the manufacturer. I would input the information myself, but am not confident in the specifications that don't come in the spec sheet and PVsysts default values of them (rshunt etc...)

Thank you!

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We update the database using the requests of the manufacturers, and publish it with each new issue of PVsyst.

We can't of course follow all the new products of all manufacturers. It would be very big task, and we don't want to include data without the acknowledgement of the manufacturer.

Therefore, please ask your provider/manufacturer to take contact with us for updating the database.

The database of PVsyst holds now about 13'800 PV modules and 4'800 inverters.

Nevertheless you can easily create your own components by yourself. The easiest way is to choose a similar existing device in the database, modify its parameters according to the manufacturer's datasheets, and save it under a new name, therefore creating a new file in your database.

For Crystalline modules, except Isc, Vco, Impp and Vmpp, nb of cells in series and module sizes, you can let all the other parameters (mainly Rserie, Rshunt, Rsh(0) and RshExp) at their default value. You have a checkbox near to each parameter for retrieving the values proposed by PVsyst.

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