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Importing Sketchup 3D Scene


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Good day Everyone,

I am currently using skelion and sketchup to import a 3d scene to PVsyst's near shading. For some reason PVsyst doesnt recognise the modules from skelion, and when it does, i have an array that is completely shaded though it shouldnt. Anyway, this is easy to fix as i can just not import the modules and make pv faces in PVsyst and this solves the issue.

My real issue is the units when i import the .3ds file. I export it in meters from sketchup and import it in meters in PVsyst and yet the measurements are wrong. Some are correct, but others are not like free standing mounting structures. I have it as 1.7m in sketchup, but in PVsyst its apparently 9m. Same for other objects.

I tried everything, nothing is working.

Thank you for your time and help.


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