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Selecting Orientation for Transposition Calculation in Shade Scene


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It would be very useful for testing and validation of plants if one were able to select a single, specific table for which the software calculates and exports global incident irradiance for, and outputs separately 8760 data, a variable called something like GlobInc2. For example, I have a site with terrible undulations, and it is constructed with a single irradiance sensor in a particular location near a module. It would be useful to report the global incident irradiance for that location, while still running my simulation in the usual fashion that it does. I imagine it to be an option under tools called irradiance analyzer or something like that, where a dialog opens up for which I can select the table or tables for which to output a separate global incident irradiance for. I dont know if this is already possible, please inform me if there is some existing way to extract such data.

Thank you.

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