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Printing with PDF Creator not


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I recently got the latest update of PVsyst 6.6.8 but I encounter a problem when printing my simulations with PDF Creator.

There's a pop up that says : There is an error with the selected printer. If I close PVsyst, PDF Creator shows up but it only prints the first one or two pages when I have five of them.

I tried to update PDF Creator but the problem is still there. So for now, I use the copy to clip board function.

I'm on windows 7. Has anyone met the same problem ?

Thank you

Edit : I solved my problem by updating PDF Creator to the 3.1 version and rebooting my computer.

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I usually go to detailled results --> Print. Then I have the window where I can select the printer I want to use and I click on print again. Then PDF Creator normally shows up but this time, there's the error message I described before.

Before updating PDF Creator, I tried to use the "Print to PDF" button. But if I wanted to use this way, only the 1st page of the report is created.

I hope this helps you :)

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