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PVsyst 6.68 Pitch Repport


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Good Morning

I’m using the New Version of PVsyst 6.68 and when I do "Construction / Perspective" I usually import from Helios3D

i have an Pitch on the Layout but in report it always show 5m (I’ve tested in different layouts with different distances its always 5m on report)

Is there any way to remove this option from the report like in the previews versions?





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Good afternoon

I’ve updated PVsyst to v6.70 but this error is still there.

I've noticed why PVsysts always assumes Pitch (Sheds spacing in 6.7) 5m in the report when you import a layout from Helios3d.

When you go to construction perspective and open a single table that you imported from helios3d the default values for pitch is 5m.

But this is wrong in the full layout we have different pitch so is there any way to remove this option from the report or fix it?




Thank you for your support

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