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Waterfall Diagram Incorrectly Rendered


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Dear Fellow PVsyst Users,

I have a project with multiple sub-arrays, and PVsyst (version 6.67) refuses to display the waterfall diagram.

My colleague had this problem as well, with a previous and with this version. I have tried transferring the project to another machine, and get the same results.

Is there a fix for this?

Thank you,




PVsyst Waterfall Diagram with multiple sub-arrays

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Good news! I found the problem, the external transformer losses were modeled incorrectly as 1400%. :lol:

HOWEVER, I think I have identified a potential bug: The detailed losses input does not sanity-check the input. A loss of over 100% should theoretically be impossible.

Thank you, now I go to hang my head in shame :D

Hopefully someone will benefit from this someday.

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