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Ver. 6.6.8 Shading Modelling Single vs multiple orientations


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I developed an application in v.6.6.7 where I had a rooftop layout with five zones. Each zone had the same azimuth and tilt. As such, in orientations, I only had one which is fine as I only needed one. However, since upgrading, I now have five orientations all the same. Is there any way to have this be only one orientation again when the lot are all duplications?


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You can use the "edit orientations" feature under tools to remove all of the orientations, and then create a single new orientation where you add all of the different zones to the one orientation. Once completed and you exit the shade scene, you will update orientation parameters.



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Thanks but this doesn't work.

When I try to create a new single orientation it seems to work, but when I leave the shading analysis, it still only shows 5 orientation. Doesn't seem to take.


After leaving shading and seeing 5 orientation still exist.


After deleting and creating a new orientation


Before deleting Orientations in Shading

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