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Importing 3D model of building increases area in PVsyst


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when I import a 3D model of a building made in rhino to PVsyst as a .dae file, the square meter are increased significantly from the square meter area defined in rhino. This gives me trouble as whenever I want to focus my view on the building in PVsyst, I get a "Number conversion error: *192693". I figured this is because the number which is defining the position I am viewing my object from in the XYZ-plane is too high or has this star(*) in front of the number, which gives me an error. However, whenever I remove the star in front of the number I cant see my building anymore, so when I try to rotate my way back to the building, the star reappears.

So my question is, why does PVsyst increase the area (the wall is 5 square meter in rhino, but gets increased to 400 000 square meters in PVsyst)? Is there any way to decrease the whole building proportionally in PVsyst as it consists of 150 different objects?

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