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Different azimuth in Near Shadings and Orientation tabs


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I have designed the 3D model in the 'Near Shadings' and set the azimuth to -23 degrees using the 'Rotate whole scene' in the Edit menu. However, PVsyst sets the azimuth to 5 degrees in the 'Orientation' tab. Eventhough I checked the 'Detailed, according to module layout' check box in 'Near Shadings' to run the simulation, the report lists azimuth as 5 degrees, which makes me believe that the simulation ran with this azimuth. PVsyst version is V6.67. Need help to understand what is going on. Thanks in advance.

PS: I attached a presentation to help the understanding of the issue.


Near Shadings





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Hello brunok,

The orientation is defined by the normal of the PV fields plane, in the global referential. So it is a combination of the field's tilt, azimuth and baseslope.

It seems like you placed your fields on the rooftop and then rotated the whole scene, so in this case the baseslope should be the roof angle.

Placing your fields on the ground would get you a -23° azimuth, but here they're tilted along the roof.

Which orientations does PVsyst detect when you open the orientations tool (Tools -> Edit orientations) ? It seems like you defined two separate orientations (on each side of roofs) but you only get one in the end ?

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