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Output CSV file heading mapping


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I have a PVsyst output csv file that have a number of heading like the following:

date GlobHor DiffHor BeamHor T Amb WindVel GlobInc BeamInc DifSInc Alb Inc Bm/Gl Diff/Gl DifS/Gl Alb/Gl GlobIAM IAMLoss IAMBLss IAMDLss IAMALss GlobEff BeamEff DiffEff Alb_Eff FTransp AngInc PlTilt PlAzim PhiAng FIAMGl FIAMBm FIAMDif FIAMAlb FIAMShd FEffDif FEffAlb EArrRef EArrNom GIncLss TempLss SoilLss ModQual MisLoss EArrMPP OhmLoss EArray TArray TExtON TArrMes DTArr DTArrGl IArray UArray ArrayON InvLoss IL Oper IL Pmin IL Vmin IL Pmax IL Vmax Syst ON EOutInv EACOhmL ETrfLss E_Grid EffArrR EffSysR EffArrC EffSysC EffInvB EffInvR Yr Ya Yf Lc Ls Lcr Lsr PR

Some of them like date, GlobHors, E_Grid I recognize . Is there somewhere these headings are defined? I have looked at the user manual and I don't see it there. At least for starters if you can tell me which of the above is POAI that would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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