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New Geographic Site : changed all values after conclusion


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I tried to add a new site in Brazil.

Completed all the stages inputing data manually from SWERA (https://maps.nrel.gov/swera/#/?aL=eFtuaK%255Bv%255D%3Dt&bL=groad&cE=0&lR=0&mC=-22.689418753538188%2C-48.635444641113274&zL=11).

After finishing inputing data on Geo Coordinates and Monthly Meteo tabs, I saved it.

Here comes the problem: My new added location is listed unerneath Brazil (Country menu). But when I select it and "open" the site, a completely different city is loaded, from Algeria, Africa ! Nor the names or data has anything with the ones I created.

Any suggestion, since interactive map is not working.

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