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how to determine ac collection panel?


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The use of "AC modules" has indeed been implemented in PVsyst since several years.

For the association (PV-module - Micro-inverter), the remarks of the AC module should mention: "AC module (with LM305UE-G1 (240V) AC module of LG Electronics)"

and inversely the remarks of the inverter will mention "AC module (with LG 300 A1C-B3 ACModule 240V of LG Electronics)".

However only one device has been proposed by manufacturers up to now. This is the LG Electronics LG 300 A1C-B3 AC Module 240V (or --- 208V).

When choosing this device, the corresponding micro-inverter LG Electronics LM305UE-G1 (240 or 208V) is automatically selected.

In the sub-array, please make sure that you define the same number of inverters than the number of modules.

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