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Hi PVsyst team,

I have a couple of doubts with the PVsyst V6.26 - PREMIUM PREMIUM and I hope you can help me.

Doubt 1: I am trying to model a tracking PV system with a N-S axis orientation (watch case1 of image 2) but I don't know if the "Pitch" parameter which appears in the field "Orientation" (watch image 1) refers to the distance between trackers (watch the case 1 of image2) or the distance between panels whithin a tracker structure (watch case 2 of image 2).

Doubt 2: I don't find an option for the tracking system with one axis oriented N-S in the Construction/Perspective tool (3D Shading). (Watch image 3).

I'll be verty grateful if you can help me,

Best regards,

Simón Aguilera




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