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Bifacial Module with Tracking System


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I am using PVsyst version 6.66 and trying to simulate a project with Trina Bifacial 345Wp installed in a 1-axis tracker N-S orientation. However, the PVsyst notified that bifacial could only be define using with fixed planes. Is this for real?

I just visited a actual solar plant using tracker system using Trina double glass. Is there anything that I need to adjust in my PVsyst setting account? This is quite important as all our project aim is to optimize the maximum output that it could produce.

Thank you.



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I've seen a big demand for simulation of bifacial with single axis trackers. Is there any release date for the related upgrade?. I have a license of PVsyst 6.6.6, is there any actual way to estimate energy production of this systems?. Any hint would be appreciated.

Best regards,

Manuel Saenz


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