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Module Efficiency Loss and Inputs for the Simulation


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I wanted to clarify something regarding the Module efficiency loss in the system simulation. I have read and understood that PVsyst uses a method where they take a quarter of the sum of the inferior and superior tolerance level for the Pmpp. For example, if the tolerance range was -3% to 3% then the default module efficiency loss turns out to be (3%+3%)/4=1.5%. 1.5% will be a loss. And for a tolerance range of (0%+10%)/4=2.5%. This will be a 2.5% gain. What happens if you have a range like -3% to 10%? One of the modules I have to use has such a range and when I click the default button for the module efficiency loss, it comes up to be -0.3%. This is a 0.3% in gain. Could you please explain how this value came about? Does it have something to do with statistical analysis with the normal distribution curve?

Thank you


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