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Bifacial calculations


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I am currently running simulations of bifacial PV systems, to better understand the influence of several parameters.

I would like to know if, in the software, the reflection on front face of one row of modules is impacting the irradiance on module rear side of the front row ?

The naming "Global incident on ground" on the loss diagram suggest the opposite...

And I am a little bit surprise of the Form Factor evolution in function of the Pitch selected (see attached (Chile and Kenya))

Do you have any explanations for the shape of this graph ?

Thank you



Pitch impact on rear irradiance

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In your help you say that for bifacial « 6.64 is correct, but doesn't take some marginal contributions into account, like the Beam on the rear side, or the reflexions of the near ground on the front side.”.

Then you say “6.65 add 2 new contributions: beam component on the rear side”

What is the second contributions added in 6.65 ? reflections of the near ground on the front side ?


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