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String Inverter


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How to design string inverter in PVsyst?

String inverter shall have minimum efficiency of 97%.

Design Ambient temp. is 50 deg C.

Suppose 25 modules are in series in a string and 10 strings are in parallel. Then, 1 inverter is required. However, I am confused how to design string inverter for each of the 10 strings. Please help!

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If I understand your question properly, you will have 10 strings in parallel.

Choose a module, and note it's power rating (say, 300W).

Decide how many modules you are going to use (say 100). Then decide the strings (10).

Your total power is 300x100 = 30kW. So you need inverters enough to cover 30kW. You can select one 30kW inverter, three 10kW inverters, or any other combination that works.

Good luck!

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