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PVsyst 6.66


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I've run a simulation from 6.64 and now upgraded my version to 6.66.

However, when I open the project in 6.66, it does not show the full report starting page 3 and up to 5. I have upgraded my graphics but still showing the same. Appreciate your advise.

Photo could be find in the link below. Fyr.


Thanks and regards,


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Hi there,

I just want to clarify if the setting of "Rs from Low-light efficiencies" under the definition of a PV module are depending from the module pan file OR it depends with the PVsyst version?

I've tried to replaced a certain project of different kind of module and some modules showing this setting but other types are not. Appreciate your kind review and explanation regarding this as this is giving a significant impact on the generation output of the project.

Snapshot can be view from the link below.




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