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DOD using Lead-acid Batteries


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Hallo everybody,

I´d like to know how it can be introduced into the interface of PVsyst the parameter known as DOD (Depth of Discharge) when sizing te batteries If it´s not possible, How PVsyst take into account this parameter?

Thank you very much in advance for your support and answers.

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For the pre-sizing part: this is a parameter specifiecd in the Hidden patrameters.

For the System design part: this is indeed a result of the simulation.

The hourly simulation will cut the load when attaining a given Voltage low threshold, defined in the Controller parameters, and related to the behaviour of the whole system at each time (exactly as in the reality).

The DOD will depend on this threshold, and you can see it in the Hourly plots, when plotting the state of charge as function of the time.

NB: In a future version I intend to deeply revise the Stand-alone systems treatement, and I will probably give the opportunity of defining a DOD as parameter for the Controller instead of a voltage threshold.

However I think this strategy is not yet much implemented in real commercial controllers, as the accurate evaluation of the SOC of a battery pack by the Controller (i.e. Ah balance and real capacity evaluation) is a difficult task ...

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