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Module layout from imported DAE scene


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Hello Team,

Module layout from imported scenes are not yet solved. You have to limit spaces between modules and anyway sometimes it doesn not interprete strings. We it does, you cannot fill them automatically, it looks like they are not in order. For instance, you fill in 2 rows and horizontally and it does not understand this "order" as it fills it randomly

Could you check this out?

BR Jose

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Hello Team,

This issue is not solved. In last versions, layouts from imported DAE/3DS versions are strangely recognized when you want colour the strings in order to get accurate electrical effects in your simulation. I m attaching an image of the drawing scene (very simple), and how LAYOUT "sees it". So the tilt and orientation of modules are so random that no wonder system dont recognized it. I found a trick allowing space = 0 among modules so SOMETIMES it goes ok, but in the best of cases like this, when i want to fill the colours of the strings following a strategy it goes also randomly, it doesnt respond of what i set, so i have to fill them one by one.

Dont know if this thing i have express it clearly....

Thanks in advance BR

Jose M (Tecnun)



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The Module Layout is a planar view of the scene tables, and sometimes it can be looking very different from the 3D representation.

This is also why the automatic filling may have some issues.

We know some users get confused and we plan to improve the whole tool to ease understanding and configuration.

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