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simulation with different azimuth


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The problem of mountain solar plant modeling and simulation

Hi, our company has a project in India, it's a mounting solar plant, the installation condition is quite severe. In our project, we used 280W PV module, 22 PV modules as one string, 180 strings in total ( Around 1 MW DC Capacity). The slope of the fixed rack is 36°, and the azimuths of panels in this project was simplified as 20 PV strings westward 10°, 20 strings westward 5°, 20 strings westward 3°, 60 strings southward, 20 strings eastward 3°, 20 strings eastward 5°, and 20 strings eastward 10°.

To simulate the influence based on variety of azimuths, we established a simulation model in which the seven sub arrays were set according to the assumption of azimuth.

The simulated PR is 83.33%. However, according to the real PR ratio, the simulation result seems quite inaccurate, because the simulation can not include the loss of the mismatch from different azimuths of strings. So I am wondering to know if anyone has meet the same question and how to set these parameters under such conditions?

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