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Importing ASCII file with sub-hourly data (1 min sampled)


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It seems I can not import GHI data sampled at 1 minute. If I put in the protocol definition sub hourly data with time step equals 1 minute and I choose date read on file with format (year)|month|day|hhmm or hh/mm the file is inported without errors but results are not good.

Is it possible to do that with PVsyst?

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If you don't explain what "is not good" in the data, I can not say much.

Probably the recording time is not the same as the time of PVsyst.

You should apply the "Time shift" correction as advised by PVsyst (in "Databases > Meteo Tables and Graphs", page "Check Data quality").

With 1-minute data, you can also shift the dates column in your source file, in order to match the time of PVsyst (add or suppress some minute cells at the beginning of the column)

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