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PVSyst Simulation for SolarEdge 27.6 and P700 Year 1


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Using PVsyst 6.4.4 to simulate the yield of 14 x SE 27.6K with 42 Strings of 18 P700 optimisers each with 2 x 330W Jinko modules. All modules on same orientation.

The simulation work with shading scene defined and detailed module layout, but as soon as I apply the Ageing under detailed losses then PVsyst on completion of the calculation ask to safe the variant and if you select safe PVsyst hangs / freeze. If you select not to safe then PVsyst change the settings of the system (330W Jinko change to generic 60W).

Can anyone assist as I need to calculate Year 1 to Year 10 Yield for my customer.

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Yes, I just discovered two errors in the SolarEdge new treatment with ageing:

- The Module parameters ageing dispersion cannot be null, as fixed as default for optimizers. Please fix a little value (0.1% sufficient).

- With very high electrical shading losses, the long-term shading evaluation (ModuleLayout) is overestimated.

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