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Multiple azimuths and loss diagram


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I have simulated several plants with multiple azimuths and I have also read and seen that the mixed orientation mismatch loss is basically 0%. This is a little difficult to believe especially since there are certain strings that will produce a different IV curve than the ones that are facing the sun at a different angle. The IV curves are averaged, but why is there barely any mixed orientation mismatch loss? This topic is also relevant when we consider choosing string inverters over central inverters. Would it make no difference which inverter type we choose?
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There is a new very detailed tool in the version 6.64, which addresses these questions of Mismatch between strings ("Detailed Losses > Module Quality - LID - Mismatch", button "Detailed Study").

The main conclusion is that the mismatch between strings of different currents (but comparable voltages) is really very low.

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