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module chains & Layout dont work for imported scenes


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Partition in module chains and layout scenarios for calculate shadings taking into account landscape&portrait config, bypass diodes "help" etc...is not working for imported scenes from sketchup or similar. They simply cannot work as each module represent one field. I ve tried to not separate them in sketchup but didnt work either. Are you planning to supply something to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance

Jose (Tecnun)

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If one module is one 3D PV field, then you will need to use the Module Layout part in order to simulate the electrical effects.

You will also get the bypass diodes calculations if you do so.

What was not working when you didn't separate them in Sketchup ?

Could you provide us with some DAE files by mail ?

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Thanks Sylvain,

I rechecked before sending anything: The system is working now, i just had to fix some "tricks" like allowing no space between modules in module layout so it recognizes every module. It keeps on requiring some improvements i say a good one: when you fill the strings automatically and for instance you say fill in with horizontally it really doesnt do it maybe bcs the number of module in the fields are not sequenced spacially, i mean it is filled by number not by situation in layout.

Anyway good effort and congratulations for your continuous improvents

BR Jose

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