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Problem importing from Photon


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Please explain what doesn't work with the import of PV modules.

Be aware that the PHOTON database is not perfect. Sometimes some parameters are missing, so that PVsyst is not able to use the concerned module.

Please carefully read the warning when importing the module.

Which browser are you using ?

Currently Internet Explorer, Firefox and GoogleChrome work quite well.

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I am having the same problem as stated above described by klerindias. I am currently running v6.1, and I can import from the inverter portion of the photon page, but not the module page. It yields the same error posted above whether I use IE, Chrome, or Firefox. Is there a solution implemented for the newer PVsyst version?
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Just my two cents about this: I had the same problem importing from photon database but I noticed that, if before pasting to PVsyst you paste to notepad and remove the line "picture" and then copy all and paste it to PVsyst, it works normally. I hope this helps someone, best regards to everyone on this very helpful forum.
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Good day,

I also have trouble importing from Photon, specifically the Inverter Database.

I am using PVsyst V6.3.4 and Chrome, Firefox and IE11 to try and copy from the database. But the "import from Photon" button never appears.

I am copying from Supplier to the last sentance (CE mark), and I have double checked my method on YouTube. All seems to be in order with my method, yet the button fails to appear.

Restarted PVsyst, selected compatibility mode in IE11 etc etc... Still no button,,,

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