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Shading in version 6.64


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Hello PVsyst Team,

I tried out a Helios 3D import file in version 6.64 to see how the new orientations interface works. Nice to see that it now takes the average orientation overall instead of the orientation of the first table. I noticed a reduction in near shading losses compared to running the same H2P import in an earlier PVsyst version. Have changes been made to the way shading losses are calculated, aside from the orientations options? Perhaps something to do with the evaluation of diffuse shading losses? Just checking.

(Editing this post to add:) The change appears to have occurred between version 6.53 and 6.62 (same result in 6.62, 6.63, and 6.64 for near shading losses, which is lower than version 6.53).

Thanks very much,


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