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PVSyst Installation in Hyper-V


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Hi Everybody,

I have tested an installation of PVsyst 6.6.3 in a Hyper-V virtual machine but it didn´t work.

The installation was fine and I was able to simulate a system when directly connected to the machine but the near shading construction doesn´t work. I believe this is because of some problem with the virtual graphics card and the PVsyst rendering software.

Is there a workaround for this? Is it possible to run PVsyst in a compatibility mode or disable the hardware acceleration to test the near shading drawing in a Hyper-V virtual machine?

The virtual machine is running Windows 8.1 64 bits over a Windows 2012 core server.

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The new shading scene has been tested on VMWare and VirtualBox environments without issues, we didn't test it on Hyper-V.

You need to make sure that you enabled 2D/3D acceleration for the guest and that the display drivers are up-to-date and support OpenGL 2.1 on the host.

With the recent improvements in the scene this is now a requirement.

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Hi ClaudioPaixao, I have read your quarry and i guess you need to create Virtual Machines in Hyper-V. To do this just go for the following steps one by one. In the start just write hyper v in your Start Menu search bar and choose the option of Hyper-V Manager. You can try https://appuals.com/virtual-machine-hyper-v-2019-powershell/ this website to learn a lot more. Now under the Actions list, choose New > Virtual Machine > Next and give your virtual machine a name, then pick the option of Next. I hope that by going for these steps you would be able to successfully run PVsyst in a compatibility mode without any trouble.
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Dear Aabidah34,

Thank you for your message but the issue was not with the Hyper-V Virtual machine creation. The problem is the 3D graphic under Hyper-V and its compatibility with that version of PVsyst.

I am planning to test version 7.0 under Hyper-V in the near future just for curiosity. I think it will work since the software has evolved.

After making the tests I will post the results.

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