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SMA STP Problem


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I read about making subfield, but it not workng for me.

I got 1 inverter sma stp 17000, and 90 modules.

sma design gave me proposition to put modules in 5 strings:

4 string x 20 modules

1 string x 10 modules

So when i doing subfield with 4x20 and 1x10 i got 2 inverters not 1, how to make it with 1 inverter?


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i tried and error.

When i change Number of MPPT inputs to 1 with 4 DC inputs (DC specification) PVSys window crashing need push X button.

But i noticed when i choose "String inverter" and then want to choose Multi-MPPT, and there is number 2,

when i change to 1, i cant do anything, but at least can change back to number 2 and it works, but impossible change to 1 MPPT.

Minimum MPPT inputs is 2, cant be 1 other way program not responding.

Please explain with screenshot how to do it.

But still my question when i do this with 2 subfields i will have 2 or 1 inverter??

and how to use multi-MPPT features?



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